Alternative Globalizations, Solidarity, and Visions: The Destiny of Global Dissidence in the Chaotic World of 21 Century!

The birth of so-called Arab Spring in the Middle East, followed by the rise of Occupy Movements against the North American financial powerhouses, and the spread of anti-austerity uprisings across Europe have stimulated a new wave of scholarly interests in revisiting theories of social movements and revolutions. A new cycle of ideological clashes underpins the economic policy shifts in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis and its continuing uncertainties. The evolving complexity of the global economic system, especially after the GFC, has been associated with not only the growth of ideological fragmentations but also with the transversalization of ideas, identities, and solidarities among grassroots movements. Alternative Globalizations” (by S A Hamed Hosseini) provides the scholars and the students of this area with a new framework for theorizing the role of the so-called global justice networks in the development of new ideologies. The book (2009) anticipated the rise of a new mode of consciousness underlying the recent traversal mobilizations. 

The book also introduces an integrative approach (SDK, Sociology of Activist Knowledge) to investigating a new generation of social movements and revolutions in a comprehensive way compatible to their complex and somehow inconsistent nature.

Occupy Cosmopolitanism (2013) re-applies and revisits the SDK in the context of Occupy Movements in 2011-12, showing that: “rooted in the transnational movements for justice of the 1990s–2000s, a more practically inclusive mode of ‘cosmopolitanism’, i.e. transversalism, has now evolved, significantly, into a growing number of consolidated demands and multi-issue agendas, in response to the post-crisis social injustices.”

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Read the reviews: Book Reviewed by Adrian Gray


Political Studies Review

Political Studies Review

Volume 10, Issue 1, pages 111–112, January 2012

Dr Hosseini’s recent journal articles:


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