The very simple lesson I learned from 50 years of the World political-eoconmic history

In nutshell, the whole history of the world political-economy has taught us one simple lesson:

The socialist economy leads to state capitalism and the neo-liberalist economy ends up in market socialism, both are the two sides of one coin, i.e. the people’s misery. An ecologically sustainable economic democracy is what can save the populations. (S A Hamed.Hosseini)


2 Responses to “The very simple lesson I learned from 50 years of the World political-eoconmic history”

  1. Prithvijit Mukherjee Says:

    If a sustainable democracy saved people India (largest democracy in the world) wont have tonnes of stocks lying in it Food Corporation of India’s warehouse where millions are malnourished and the calorie intake has actually seen a fall, since 1970s when it was first measured as a poverty index. Well to come over to the general point any economy be it neo-liberal or socialist with a hierarchal framework, would eventually lead to polarization of power in a hands of few, thus getting on to premises of your argument, well from those premises concluding democracy as the way forward as the saviour is something I quite dont agree too.. Cause enventually in such a system where the “State” drives development would have a new paradigm or the same paradigm as mentioned to you, well needless to say, power corrupts and ultimate power completely corrupts..

    • Dr Hosseini Says:

      thanks for your attention to this post and your response. I cannot agree more with you. but it seems that you have not read the sentence closely. it talks about “economic democracy” as a solution. The politics in India MIGHT be democratic from a liberal democracy point of view but it is far from a genuinely democratic system that is supposed to give equal opportunity to communities to participate in economy. Besides, the economy as you have said is controlled by corporations and the elite and is in fact a kind of oligarchic, totalitarian system. Such system is also far from being ecologically sustainable. Exploitation of the nature goes hand in hand with discrimination and the exploitation of women, workers, ethnic minorities, migrants, …

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